Mike Mitchell Is NOT Here To Play Flag Football


This man has me ready to throw on a helmet and pads and stand really far away from the field behind like three rows of guys because football is still scary as fuck and my bones would crumble like graham crackers in an elementary school child’s lunch bag if I ever got hit by one of these Goliath human beings, but preach!

Hey Roger Goodell, BOOM ROASTED, hope you enjoy that $200 million extension while everyone in the League named Mike Mitchell hates your guts. Hey Andy Dalton, TAKE A LAP, try not to get your receivers murdered with your errant throws every Sunday afternoon. Hey Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Mitchell might legitimately beat you up the next time you two cross paths you should be at least slightly concerned after seeing this video. No seriously don’t talk crooked about Mike Mitchell of the Pittsburgh Steelers anymore he does not like you and wants the general public to know how little he likes you.

Football players are just wired different, man. Two days ago Mitchell watched his teammate be physically unable to move his legs after a tackle attempt gone wrong and he’s still ready for more. How these guys feel about their sport and how normal human beings view it are complete opposite ends of the spectrum. They know the risks, they don’t care. They’re here to play FOOT-BALL. Even if it means they have to wear the heavy shit to go play it. As long as the Mike Mitchells of the world keep being born, the sport will never die.