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This Lawmaker DOES NOT Like It When You Touch His Arm And Wants You To Know He's Definitely Not Gay

Whoa whoa whoa chill out man! What an outrageous reaction from that guy. What the hell was that? That went from zero to Dude I’m Not Gay I Love My Wife And Kids Stop Touching Me Weirdo in a heart beat. I looked into a little bit and the other guy is married with kids, too. I thought maybe the one guy was gay and he freaked out cause he thought he’d catch his gayness. Nope. He just flipped his shit for no reason. I really enjoyed the bald dude laughing right in his face. That was the appropriate reaction to a guy losing his mind cause another man touched his arm for a split second. Chill the fuck out man. Be less comfortable with your sexuality, you can’t.

This lady couldn’t even bear to look

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By the way, the guy who freaked out is totally gay, right? He has to be. He’s super duper gay. You don’t have that reaction unless you’re gay and you don’t want anyone to find out. You have to overcompensate to really try and convince people you’re not gay. “I’m so not gay I’m gonna yell at this guy who touched my arm for half a second just to prove to everyone in this room how un-gay I am.” That’s what we just watched. Hey man, it’s okay to be gay. In fact, it’s been hot in the streets for awhile now. Embrace who you really are.