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Wanna Hear A Song About The Jaguars Set To Disney's Frozen Soundtrack? Of Course You Do, You Rascal.

This song pretty much nails th3 2017 season for most Jaguars fan. We feel pretty confident about getting to the playoffs. The Jaguars are sitting at 8-4 and need to win one more to get in. The Seahawks come to Jacksonville this week. It’s hard to say how this game will go.

On one hand, the Jaguars defense has been playing better than damn near anyone. They lead the league in most statistical categories. The linebackers might be the fastest unit in the league when they are in nickel which is essentially base against teams like Seattle. They have Telvin Smith and Myles Jack who can both fly. I think that helps when you play Russell Wilson. Seattle’s interior offensive line is suspect as hell and the Jaguars interior line is a strength. Between Malik Jackson and newcomer Marcell Dareus, the interior line is matching the play of Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue on the outside. Those two have 22.5 combined sacks with 9 forced fumbles. Pretty good!

Seattle’s defense, on the other hand, is missing key members. The game was flexed out to 4:30 so most of you will be able to watch it as well. Cant wait.