Post Malone Got Himself A Big Ol' Face Tattoo That Says 'Stay Away'

Mood as fuck from my guy Post Malone. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Post. Which is weird because before that he was seemingly on top of the world. People were raving about how awesome he was in just about every aspect. You would’ve been hard pressed to find someone with a higher q-rating amongst millennials. Admittedly, I only recently started listening to Post but it sure seemed like he was super popular among most people. Then he made controversial comments when he said there’s no emotion in hip hop. Not the best move. That obviously pissed off a whole bunch of people. Known Barstool Sports enemy Peter Rosenberg went after Post for his comments and told him to respect hip hop.

Then he was supposed to have his new album drop December 1st but posted this on Twitter

And now he has a face tattoo that says ‘Stay Away’ so that gives you a little bit of insight to how Post is feeling these days. Tough times. No better way to express yourself than some ink to the face. On a related note, I respect the shit outta anyone who gets a face tattoo. I really do. Getting a face tattoo is super cocky. Getting a face tattoo says to the world, “I consider myself talented enough to know that I’m gonna be able to go through life with a giant tattoo one the most visible part of my body.” That takes balls imo.