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That Georgia Tech Player Who Got KO'ed By His Own Teammate? He Fought The Same Guy Again Later In The Day...Got Knocked Out Again.

TMZThe Georgia Tech football player who knocked his teammate out cold earlier this year … fought and KO’d HIM AGAIN later that SAME DAY … and we have the video.

TMZ Sports obtained video that we’re told was taken only hours after the original fight — where starting CB Step Durham landed a perfectly placed hook on the chin of Lance Austin — turning his fellow CB’s lights out.

Unlike the first fight vid, it’s hard to make out the players’ faces … but we are told it’s Step and Lance.

A witness to the 2nd scrap tells us that Austin wanted to run the fight back … and redeem himself for takin’ an L the first time around.

But, the 2nd round ended just like the 1st … with a right hook sending Austin crashing to locker room floor.

We sent GT the video … and they told us it was “All part of the same incident that our coaching staff was aware of.”

My goodness.  Remember last week when this video leaked?  Of one Georgia Tech DBack getting knocked out cold by another Georgia Tech DBack in the locker room?

I was wondering why it was back in the news again.  Was the entire internet reblogging itself?  Nope…turns out another video came out – same players, same day, just a little later.  The guy who got knocked out came back looking for a chance to redeem himself…and promptly got knocked out again.  Unreal.

This guy Lance Austin…how is he still on the Georgia Tech football team?  He seriously strolls in there every day and shows his face?  Wow.  Bigger man than me.


The apology from Austin after the first video came out via WSBTV:

Austin provided the following statement to Channel 2 Action News: “A lot has been made today of an incident that happened months ago. The video snippet of that incident is not beneficial to anyone. Step Durham apologized and we long ago put that incident behind us. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no further need for an apology. I forgave him already and we have since played well together as teammates this season. Like Step said, as brothers, we have put aside our differences and our friendship remains strong.”

There is literally zero chance these guy are like “brothers” who have a “strong friendship.”  No chance.  Not after your “buddy” knocks your ass out not once, but twice in the same day.