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Boogie Cousins Would Mop The Floor With Kevin Durant

Let’s get one thing clear before we even start: this was nothing more than a classic NBA fight. And by fight, I mean slight pushing and shoving followed by a lot of HOLD ME BACKS accompanied by a lot of calling each other a pussy. That’s all that transpired here and what will transpire in 99.9% of NBA kerfuffles.

The main point here is that Kevin Durant in no way, shape or form wants the smoke with Boogie Cousins. This wouldn’t be an entertaining fight in the slightest. Durant would get folded up like fresh laundry if he ever squared up for a fair one with DeMarcus. Boogie is Alabama country strong. Kevin Durant tweets from multiple Egg Avi Twitter accounts to defend himself from trolls on the world wide web. It’s not even a contest.

The bigger issue at hand though is I have no idea what’s gotten into the Durant recently. He’s now been ejected twice in the past three days, giving him a total of three ejections on the year. The Warriors are rolling as expected this season, they even came back from 20 down at halftime tonight to cover -9.5 on the road tonight, but Durant’s gotta put getting exposed this summer behind him sooner than later. I’m sure players have been chirping him about it all year. And I’m especially sure someone like DMC was talking a gang of shit about it during the game. But you already swung this game by 30 points in your team’s favor, you’re a defending champ and reigning Finals MVP, letting other teams see they can get in your head like this will do more harm than good in the long run. Don’t become the Michael Crabtree of the NBA.