Spittin' Chiclets College Hockey Rankings (Week 10)

1. Denver

2. Notre Dame

3. St. Cloud State

4. Clarkson

5. North Dakota

6. Cornell

7. Northeastern

8. Minnesota

9. Boston College

10. Ohio State

When I was putting together this weeks top-10, I really wanted to add a new team, not sure why, but it just seems fitting to have at least one new team in the top-10 each week. But as the season really gets into full swing and we start to learn what teams are actually for real and which teams aren’t, the top-10 will see a lot less change, which in turn is a good thing, due to the fact I am picking the teams to win that are winning.

This week did see a lot of good hockey and changes to the top-10. 1-7 in the rankings are the exact same as last week. #1 Denver squeaked by UMD in two very close games this weekend, leaving Duluth with a 1-0 win on Friday and a 2-1 on Saturday. I said it last week, but there is basically no chance the Denver loses all of December and likely all of January as well. They are so good its almost stupid.

#2 Notre Dame continues to win. 11 straight victories for the Irish with two big wins for Penn State this past weekend. Huge Big10 matchup this upcoming weekend as #2 Notre Dame will head to Wisconsin to face off against a good 10-7-2 Badgers team. I don’t know how anyone could complain about the Big10 in college hockey. They basically have a nationally televised game every weekend and pack the rinks the play in. The conference itself is really, really good too. #2 Notre Dame, #8 Minnesota, & #10 Ohio State along with good teams in Michigan, Wisconsin, & Penn State make the Big10 arguably one of the best conferences in all of college hockey.

#4 Clarkson continues to win as well, the Golden Knights made it 9 straight after a win over Canisius on Saturday. Fresh off a Friendship Four victory, the Golden Knights spanked Canisius Saturday night 5-1. Clarkson will play a home and home with St. Lawrence this weekend, before they have their winter break for the next month.

After a Tuesday night loss to UConn, #7 Northeastern got back on track this weekend with a sweep over Merrimack. The Huskies had a home and home with the Warriors and won both games 3-1. Moving up three spots since last week may seem a little brash, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, watch these guys play and you’ll have a completely different opinion them. They are good & extremely fun to watch.


These week was unanimous, no question it goes to Robby Jackson from #3 SCSU. St. Cloud State is the Miami of college hockey. So much swag its absurd. I just want to hang out with these guys for a night. They probably crush it at the bar and demand respect from every single person on campus. Homework? Good joke. The boys are playing the Sioux this weekend, kick rocks professor pigeon.

Honorable mention goes to this stud in between periods of the RIT game. This is the stuff I am looking for people. So much passion, so much energy. Really lets the other team know they suck when you’re straight up belly flop after scoring.


Save of the week goes to Colgate tendy Julia Vandyk. Absolutely insane save that gets even crazier every times you watch. No idea where or how she got a glove on that puck. But she did and holy shit it was awesome.