Promise Fulfilled! Merry Christmas! We're All Saying It Again!


My daughter broke her knuckle yesterday so I’ve been hanging out with her while we wait to see if she needs surgery. Needless to say, I’ve been a little down. Sucks seeing your kids hurting. I was with her in the hospital and the doctor said, “What’s wrong, little girl?” I asked the doctor to please stop referring to me as “little girl” in front of my daughter. Yes, it’s true that I was crying but there was no reason to name call. It’s scary when your kids are sick/injured. Nothing wrong with crying.

Once I dried up, the doctor turned his attention to my daughter and asked why she looked upset. She looked at him and said, “Sir, there’s simply no way that an active president will have the courage to say Merry Christmas again during my lifetime. It’s too dangerous. The political fallout would be too intense.”

Just at that very moment, the TV turned on all by itself. We saw this clip playing right there in the hospital.

My daughter’s frown turned upside down. She was thrilled beyond belief. “Doctor, I’m five years old. In my five years, no President has ever had the courage to say Merry Christmas. I truly believe that America is on the comeback trail! Merry Christmas, everyone! We’re saying it again!”

Right when she said that, this clip started playing.

“Well don’t I have egg on my face, doc. Anyway, my finger is fucking killing me. How about some motrin? 800 milligrams stat.”

“That’s far too much for someone your size.”

“I said stat, you Fat Santa Claus Lookin Ass Boy.”

I mean, she’s not wrong. This is her doctor.