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Is This SNL Skit Making Fun Of Irish People Funny? The Internet Doesn't Think So

Source - Saturday Night Live usually makes high-quality comedy that cleverly looks at our world with sarcasm and witticism.

But a sketch based on an Aer Lingus flight, featuring Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan (of Brooklyn fame) has attracted criticism on social media for relying on trite Irish stereotypes. 

Ronan dressed as an air stewardess called Colleen, wearing a green uniform and bouffant bob hairstyle, who spoke with a heavy Irish accent.  Included in the sketch are a reference to Aer Lingus being similar to “cunnilingus”, a lot of mention of potatoes, dogs, bad Irish accents, Aran jumpers, and even Oscar Wilde. 

People were generally disappointed and found it unfunny and lacking wit: 

First of all, Irish people, relax. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re kind of low hanging fruit. Between the accents, the drinking, and the sweary-hell-raising demeanor you should be getting made fun of more. So consider yourself lucky. And I’m allowed to say that because I’m Irish. The sketch wasn’t good  but there’s no need to jump on Twitter to voice your displeasure, SNL makes fun of everyone: Bostonians,


the mentally handicapped,

Bostonians again.

It’s not like the Irish are being singled out. Even though the sketch sucked I’m glad they took the risk and aired it anyway. Sometimes a swing and a miss is better than not swinging at all. SNL is at its best when its roasting people. Which hasn’t been the case in a while. Hopefully this is them getting back to their roots but I doubt it. Unfortunately in today’s day and age the risk of offending people outweighs the comedic reward. At least they haven’t apologized yet. Next week they should work on writing a funny sketch and see what kind of response they get.