Is This A Video From North Korea Or Is It Texas A&M Welcoming Jimbo Fisher Off A Plane?

If you guessed Texas A&M, you are correct, you brilliant mind.

A lot happened over the weekend in college football, but this takes the cake for the most bizarre. If Kim Jong-un got bored one day and decided to start producing football superstars in North Korea, this is how they would introduce their coach.

Texas A&M may be the closest thing to North Korea in college football now that I think about it. They have the chants, the following of a cult figure through his ups/downs (Johnny Manziel) and constant propaganda that they are a football program that deserves to be in the national championship picture every single year. Just look at this quote:

The last time the school won a national championship color TV wasn’t around!

This was so bizarre that it seemed like Jimbo was a bit weirded out. He doesn’t even acknowledge the band! He walks on the Aggie Red Carpet right to the car faster than he left Tallahassee.

Imagine waking up hungover on a Sunday morning as a college student to play for 10 seconds at an airport for a guy who doesn’t even acknowledge you! Like being called a nerd for your entire life wasn’t enough. Cold, cold world.