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Many In Dubai Are Wondering: Can Pepsi Cola Give You.... AIDs?

The Department of food safety of Dubai has responded to the rumor of Pepsi:
The rumor is that people are disregard because aids is not transmitted through food, and the means of transmission of this disease by the world health organization are:
1 by blood, like sharing needles, needles, cotton or blood transfusion
2 sexual intercourse
3 Mother-to-child transmission
Based on the above, HIV / AIDS does not pass through food or drink at all.

Food Safety Management Department at Dubai Municipality’s response on the rumor of Pepsi Contamination:
The rumor is a scorn for people because HIV is not transmitted through food.
According to the World Health Organization, the transmission of this disease can only happen through:
1 Blood, by co-use of needles, injections, cotton or transfusions.
2 Sexual intercourse.
3 AIDS transmit from pregnant mothers to children.
Therefore, HIV is not transmitted through food or drink altogether

Huge shoutout to the longtime stoolies who work in the Food Safety Managment Department at Dubai Municipality for getting in front of this nasty rumor.

You see, this morning I was out and about. My truck needed some fuel so I gave her the ole pumpin of a lifetime. While filling up on the good stuff (diesel), I checked twitter. I follow a ton of people from Dubai and everyone was talking about this AIDs= Pepsi thing. I was taken aback. Have I been misled about Pepsi Cola my entire life? Whoa. Disconcerting to say the least.

Normally when I get gas in the morning, I head inside to the store part of the gas station set-up and grab a little protein to get the old blood flowing. Some jerky and an ice cold Pepsi Cola usually does the trick. As I was grabbing the sugary nectar, I thought to myself, “Do I want AIDs?” Buddy,,, of course I dont. AIDs stinks. Instead of Pepsi, I grabbed a coke. I prefer the taste of Pepsi Cola but I also enjoy not having AIDs. Give and take like you read about.

As I was driving down the road after writing the check for my 2 dollars and 37 cents purchase, one of my friends at the Food Safety Managment Department at Dubai Municipality posted the correction to this nasty rumor. Upon reading it, I tossed the coke out of the window and pulled into the next gas station to satisfy my Pepsi Cola craving without the guilt of AIDs. Oh, what a beautiful morning! Everything’s goin my way!