Georgia Football Fans Have Already Pissed Off Baker Mayfield By Giving Out His Number Last Night...YOU IDIOTS

YOU IDIOTS!! If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, and years prior, it’s you don’t piss off Baker Mayfield. It only fuels his fire. There are some athletes out there where if you rattle them the right way you can throw off his game in your favor. Baker Mayfield doesn’t operate that way. You try to rattle his cage, he absorbs it, and gets better.

Think about the losses he’s had while being at Oklahoma. Clemson in the College Football Playoffs two years ago. The Tigers just showed up, didn’t talk shit, and bullied him. Houston to begin the season last year? Came in as the quiet underdog and shocked the college football world. Iowa State this year? Lulled him to sleep, and caught Baker completely off guard.

There’s a formula to defeating the chaos that is Baker Mayfield. STAY QUIET. Don’t piss him off. It’s the fucking Monday after the College Football Playoff has been revealed and you’ve already set this man off. Do you have they have any brains in the South? I’m assuming no. And if you think this is all the Bulldogs fans have up “their sleeve” for Baker trash talk and gamesmanship you are dead wrong. If we’re doing this song and dance the day after the matchups are revealed and we’re not playing until New Year’s Day, then who knows what depths of anger Baker will absorb by kickoff. In my mind Georgia has already lost. Get ready for Scorch Earth Baker.