Man Arrested At Gunpoint For Weaving Through Traffic To Get His Dog To The Hospital

(Story via Fox 25 Boston)

If you’re a cat person, go fuck yourself. If you’re a dog person, then you know exactly where this guy’s head was at when he saw that not only had his dog been hit by a car, but he also had been told by the cops that he was on his own if he wanted his dog to survive.

Uhhhh yeah, I’m getting in my car immediately and Grand Theft Auto-ing my way to the nearest animal hospital. If that’s not your very first instinct then you are a scum of the earth piece of shit who doesn’t deserve God’s greatest gift to the world, which is the unconditional love that a dog gives to its owner from the moment they first lock eyes until the day that its little heart beats its final beat.

I was reading some of the comments to this story, and people were saying shit like, “He deserved to get arrested. He was driving like an asshole and putting other people in danger.” Oh, boo fuckin’ hoo, guy. Did you even watch the interview? That guy doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body. He was just a kindhearted man who was compelled by the love that he has for his dog to spring into action and save the life of a soul that could not possibly save itself.

Much like a dog depends on its owner for food, water and every other basic survival need in life, this poor little guy depended on his owner to get him to the hospital in time, and guess what? My man delivered. Also, shout out to the cops who took the baton and brought Thor to the hospital once they realized why Peter was driving like a madman. Should’ve never had to come to that, though. Dogs getting hit by cars should be one of the highest priority calls that an emergency line responds to.

PS — When dogs get hit by cars, people get arrested at gunpoint trying to do everything they can to save them. When cats get hit by cars, I feel like this is a common response.