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Get A Load Of This Guy Faking A Seizure To Get A Seat On The Subway

You know how I know this wasn’t in New York? Because that guy is still alive. It’s not that New Yorkers are bad people, they just don’t like being fucked with. Especially when everyone’s packed in ass-to-dick on an uptown one train during rush hour. Nothing brings out the ugly like a crowded subway. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked myself off a ledge after getting shoved by some fat ass trying to make his way to a seat for one stop. Not only would he have had his pockets run, but the second people realized it was a prank he would’ve been murdered. Although there is a chance that no one would have noticed in the first place. I’m at the point now where I black out every time I go underground. There’s nothing worth remembering down there. I just keep my head down and daydream until it’s time to get off.

I will give him credit, it was a hell of an acting job. Commitment like you read about.  Totally worth the incurable diseases he’s going to contract from touching the floor. I almost feel like he should get a pass. You have to be in a dark place to do something that grimy. Just ask this kid.