Ravens-Lions "Can The Defense Stop A Legit QB?" Live Blog

tucker lions

We’re going to learn a lot about the Ravens today. They may be 6-5 and they may currently be in a playoff position, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Ravens have been extremely lucky in terms of their schedule and injuries by opposing QB’s. Outside of Big Ben and maybe Marcus Mariota, they really haven’t faced a legitimate NFL QB all year. They’ve been mostly dominant against the pass, but it’s not gonna be EJ Manuel and Matt Moore all year.

Eventually the Ravens are going to have to win a big game against a QB who can really air it out. Matt Stafford fits that description. And this fits the description of a big game. There’s only 5 of these games left, and this is probably the most 50/50 of the 5 games. Beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh is gonna be tough, and the Ravens should take care of the Colts, Browns, and Bengals down the stretch. 4-1 should be more than enough to get into the postseason at 10-6. 3-2 will probably do the trick too, but the Ravens can make it a helluva lot easier if they take care of business today.

The Lions are abysmal at stopping the run. That’s the key today. Ravens need to do everything they can to keep Matt Stafford on the sideline by sustaining long drives on the ground. Time of possession is the key for the Ravens against any team, and that goes double today. Should be a good win. I think playing this one at home is the difference.

Ravens win 20-17.