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Boise State With Your Typical Half Court Shot at the Buzzer for the Win

Just a little Pac-12 after dark action for you here. Oregon was sitting on a 46-game win streak at home before Lexus Williams hit this absurd shot. I believe this is the first half court shot at the buzzer this year at the D1 level and it really was something.

This isn’t something you draw up in the huddle or practice, but it sure was pretty. This was also a huge win for Boise State and the Mountain West Conference. That league is looking more and more like a 2-team league with Nevada, Boise State, UNLV and Wyoming as a really strong top-4. Getting a win over an Oregon team who many thought to be a fringe top-25 team will go a long way to help with that.

With reports of Willie Taggart possibly leaving for Florida State it’s safe to say Oregon fans didn’t enjoy their Friday. But, you have to love a good half court shot.