Aaron Boone Will Be The Next New York Yankees Manager


HOLY SHIT! This is fucking nuts! Aaron Boone will be the next Yankees manager. I don’t know about you folks but I’m amped as fuck for this. Boone brings to The Bronx a personality and charisma we need as a manager. We knew he wow’d Cashman and Co. in his interview, saying this is something he’s been preparing for his whole life. When you hear something like that it gets the blood pumping. Boone brings with him a young voice, being just 44 years old, and will relate to these budding superstars in a pretty easy fashion.

Boone is a pretty sexy pick and a favorite amongst many fans. Hensley Meulens would’ve been great as well with his ability to speak five languages (Japanese included) along with his coaching experience on the Giants recent World Series teams. As I said before, I was gonna be thrilled with any of these two or Beltran. As long as it wasn’t Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge (suicide potential pick) or Chris Woodward I was gonna be happy.

In Cashman We Trust baby. Now let’s go get Shohei Ohtani.

P.S. Pray he didn’t pick up any baseball “knowledge” from Jessica Mendoza