Tiger "Fusion" Woods Just Eagled the 9th Hole, Went Out In 31, And Is Leading The Golf Tournament

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What did I tell you guys about the fusion? About the donut? About the jelly? Tiger’s fused baby. All fused up and ready to rock. Jack’s 18 majors? The 2018 Grand Slam? HA get that shit outta here, he legit might win 5 majors next year. The new Tiger Slam is the grand slam plus one.

Is fusion the new steroids? Like if you haven’t called your surgeon and booked a fusion what are you even doing? Spieth, JT, DJ… if they’re not fused by April the 2018 Masters shouldn’t even be held. Just give TFW (Tiger “Fusion” Woods) the jacket and let’s get ready for Shinnecock.