Mike Flynn To Plead Guilty To Lying To The FBI About Russia Stuff, Which Means This

Mike Flynn pleading guilty today to lying to the FBI. This pretty much confirms what many suspected: Flynn is cooperating with the FBI. Flynn is looking out for Flynn, which — in theory — is bad for Team Trump. If there is indeed incriminating wrongdoing, and Flynn’s DTF about it (Disclosing to The FBI), then this is undoubtedly bad for the Trump Administration. Officials be panicking.

Bob Mueller is a smart, experienced, and INCREDIBLY well-respected motherfucker. He knows how to get what he wants. He knows precisely how to pincer these people, to force them into a tough decision: their loyalty to Trump or their personal futures. What do you do, really, if you think someone else will spill the beans anyway? Do you hold that loyalty, sacrifice yourself to protect the Trump Presidency? Or do you cave, tell Mueller whatever he wants to know, and protect numero uno?

The above decisions are all predicated of course upon the notion that there actually IS Trump/Russia collusion. If there is not, then there is no issue. This also may very well be the case. It could just be a few individuals who did dumbass shit, and not a deeper, all-inclusive collusion situation that can be traced all the way up to the president (many experts feel, in fact, that it will be extremely difficult for Mueller to be able to present evidence tracing this directly to Trump).

If there IS collusion, then these people — my lovely Hope Hicks included — will be forced into tricky spots.

This is why today’s news is fascinating. Yes, we’ve seen literally thousands of micro reports on the Trump/Russia investigation; this one is seen by many as an early look into more of the macro fallout from the investigation.

PS — I just want to note and reiterate: As you’re consuming information related to this, remember that Russia is BAD. Yes Putin is funny, and I will continue to laugh at him, but he and the Russians one million percent want to harm America in an effort to elevate Russia. They always have and they always will.