Guy Hilariously Records Himself Ripping A Fart In Front Of His Girlfriend For The First Time

It’s a turning point in every relationship, the first fart. It can be just as life changing as getting a dog or meeting the family. I thought she handled it well. Granted, we don’t have smell-o-vision so the aftermath could’ve been ugly, especially if it lingered. Her reaction was exactly what you’d want from a significant other, just a coy little smile. Although I got a little confused when she said, “so we’re farting in front of each other now?” Because girls don’t fart. They don’t poop either, and when they do it’s strawberry ice cream. If on the off chance I’m wrong, I’d love to see his reaction if the roles were reversed. I doubt he’d be so playful. Carrabis famously said he’d divorce his wife if he caught her pooping in the house. Which is an extreme example but it’s worth noting. Some men don’t take kindly to lady farts. From the looks of it these two have a bright future together. As long as he doesn’t start doing things like this, they’re gucci.