Jenny From The Block Gives Her Endorsement For A-Rod As Yankees Manager

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That’s all I needed. A-Rod has his future wife’s blessing to lead us into the the promise land. Jennifer Lopez actually just chimed in on the New York Yankees’ managerial search. What a fucking world we live in folks. Pure crazy fantasy land. I mean how does Cashman not take the advice from Jenny from the Block? I bet Rob Thomson doesn’t have one of the more polarizing entertainers and celebrities we’ve ever seen backing him up. I told everyone I was all in on Carlos Beltran being the next manager, but I mean come on! How can you not listen to Jennifer Lopez? I’m captivated. I’m mesmerized. I’m sold. Let’s get Alex back in pinstripes ASAP. NEED this power couple running the Yankees.

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It’s pretty obvious A-Rod’s been preparing for the job.

Also, thanks for the Barstool shoutout big guy!

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