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Getcha $6, I Repeat, SIX DOLLAR Tickets At Jerry World For The Cowboys Vs. Redskins Rivalry While They're Hot!!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.00.29 PM

What a rivalry game! Yes, the Cowboys and Redskins are both an average 5-6. Yes, I understand these are standing room tickets. Yes, I know you can’t see anything from the stratosphere, anyways. But come on now, Jer’. This is literally your world. At least put up the appearance of it maintaining some luster as America’s team. Sure, those Glory Hole years are long gone, but there’s no need to basically give tickets away to Cowboys games.

Meanwhile a Cowboys loss tonight would clinch the NFC East title for the 10-1 Eagles, the earliest the division has been locked up in over a decade. Damn it feels good to be alive. Let’s just hope things turn out better the last time the Birds had a chance to clinch. Long live Kevin Malone.



h/t OG_KevinBacon