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Tennessee Should Fire Their Athletic Director And Bring In The Greatest QB In UT History As Head Coach

imagesHow in the world does John Currie still have a job? I mean, I’m not the most wise of college football fellows but it seems like losing out on your top 86 candidates to replace a coach that you fired a month ago is

Everybody and their mother is saying no to this job. You finally got Greg Schiano to say yes but the only thing good to come out of that decision was Pardon My Take’s spoof remix.


Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy said no.

Purdue’s Jeff Brohm said no.

Today, North Carolina State’s Dave Doeren said no.

Each day, a new embarrassment. The only way to save a little face is to fire the athletic director, get a new guy in there, maybe keep the interim coach for this year, and start fresh next year.

What a mess.

Unless… maybe they can bring in the greatest quarterback in University of Tennessee history….

Tee Martin.