A Botched Surgery Has Left A Woman's Insides Drowning In Her Own Poop

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NYP- Kelly Yeoman is “drowning in her own poo” and desperate for treatment to save her life. Her organs are barely noticeable in an X-ray as her chest cavity fills with feces, leaving her struggling to breathe. Now her family and friends in the UK are desperately crowdfunding for her to receive private treatment for her condition, saying their “happy, strong and determined” friend is barely recognizable. Yeoman, 34, has spent the last 11 weeks in Southmead Hospital in Bristol, England, vomiting her own poo after she claims a surgeon damaged her bowel during a routine surgery. Posting the image of her X-ray on Facebook earlier this month, she wrote: “For those who don’t quite understand the extent of my condition, this is my X-ray, the whole thing is a picture of faecal loading can’t even see my organs. “And yes it’s all in my chest too, my diaphragm and lungs are so high up I can barely breathe.”

One of the more uncomfortable blog titles I’ve ever written. In the words of my good friend Uncle Chaps, actually bad. It’s actually bad to have your insides filling up with your poop. It’s actually bad to have your insides filling up with anyone’s poop in fact. I’m not a licensed doctor but you don’t want poop anywhere near your other vital organs. This has to be the worst thing to ever happen to anyone ever. I’m not kidding. In all of human history, this is as bad as it gets. Lots of people have been through lots of bad shit throughout time but this is the leader in the clubhouse for worst ever. Poop filling your body to the point where you need to get emergency surgery is the bottom.

On the flip side, this lady is gonna make BANK on her malpractice case. Like more money than anyone has ever made in a malpractice suit before. No way no how you don’t win a “My body was filling up with poop. So so so so so much poop” case. I’m not saying it’s gonna be enough to justify the pain she went through but it might be. Would I be willing to go through what she’s been through for a big chunk of change? Maybe. Everyone has their price. What is your price when it comes to having a poop-filled chest?