Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi And Bernie Williams Once Went On A Japanese Game Show And Tried To Hit Home Runs Under Ridiculous Circumstances

I get this question every offseason. I also think it’s weird that people think my job just stops because the season’s over, when in reality, there’s probably more interesting shit to write about during the offseason than the regular season. Anyway, I saw this comment this morning and I was like, “Man, if you only knew the dumb shit that I do with my free time now that baseball’s over.” Then, it hit me. They can know. I can blog about it. You wanna know what life is like for me now?

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.44.12 AM

Yesterday, I blogged about Randy Johnson on a Japanese TV show throwing a perfect strike while blindfolded. I went back to the Twitter account that posted the video, and he had gifs of Barry Bonds trying to hit against a Japanese pitcher bouncing on a trampoline. The gifs weren’t enough for me, so last night after work, I rummaged through the internet to find the full video and there she is. That’s what I did last night. I watched the whole episode of this Japanese game show where Barry Bonds, Bernie Williams and Jason Giambi try to hit home runs under the most ridiculous circumstances one could think up.


Speaking of ridiculous circumstances, how about Bernie going with the Captain Jack Sparrow look here? That soul patch looks legit painted on. Wild play.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 11.29.46 AM

What’s great about this video is that if this were to happen today and you had a bunch of today’s stars trying to hit home runs under these circumstances and they failed, part of me would definitely wonder what the result might be if you sent some of MLB’s Steroid Era poster boys there in their prime instead. Good thing we don’t have to wonder. What’s the result? Oh, just Bonds smashing bombs off dudes bouncing on trampolines, ripping homers off two dudes pitching at the same time, and literally breaking the smoke machine in half.

It sucks that everyone was/is so uptight about steroids, because Bonds doesn’t get enough credit for being hilarious and having one of the best personalities in the sport. The media basically just conditioned him to be a prick with the whole steroid witch hunt, but if it hadn’t been for the PED stuff, he easily would’ve been one of the most likable personalities of his era. Instead, he goes down as the biggest villain that the sport has ever seen, although it wouldn’t surprise me if he preferred it to be that way.