Last Night's Bruno Mars TV Concert Lit The World On Fire


Fun fact- I titled this blog before the concert started  because that’s how confident I was he was going to kill it and he did. So credit to me for being right. It’s incredible to think that a guy as talented as him would be nervous about getting booed off stage but he was. According to an interview he gave to the NY Post, some locals were giving him a hard time the day before the concert which shook his confidence. Only in New York would people harass a Grammy award winning singer just for the hell of it.

At any rate, the entire production was unreal. He sang, he danced, he got people’s wives pregnant.

He played all his hits, each one more sexual than the last. At one point he just started straight up fucking the air and people went nuts.


Not only was the crowd feeling it, the internet was going wild. He was the number one trend in the world and the memes were flying.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.45.31 PM


There wasn’t a dull moment in the entire thing. We need him on Nate At Night, stat. He’s ready for the big leagues. Enough of this network television bull. Bruno if you’re reading, swing by the office tomorrow afternoon and we can set a little something up IF I’m not in the middle of a blog. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time. Keep up the good work.


CBS doesn’t post its popular events online because they’re unintelligent but once it hits the internet I’ll add some footage. Until then, here ya go.