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Guy Takes Off His Jordans Before Getting Down To Propose Because He Has His Head On Straight


I normally don’t post proposal videos. I’m not trying to encourage people to film their proposals, to make theatrical proposals, or to even propose in general. We have too many weddings in this country. I’ve been to about 3 weddings and I’m no longer impressed by any of them. It’s all the same shit: dad is proud of his daughter, the couple likes each other, and nobody can dance. Just chill out, idiots. You’ll probably get divorced anyway. What a waste of fucking time.

Having said that, this proposal was fun. Dude just acquired the Win like ’82 11s, like me:

Good taste, great shoe. One of those sneakers that was widely released but I don’t care because I don’t just seek the most limited releases; I’m comfortable with my body, or feet, or something. It’s like buying a shirt from J Crew that 3 of your buddies already bought but who cares because you’re YOU, and you look BEAUTIFUL wearing it.

He knows he’s going to propose. Huge moment, probably nervous as a clam, but he still has the presence of mind to take off the one shoe that corresponds with the dropped knee. You can’t be creasing that toe box! God forbid he falls on hard times for some reason (divorce, see paragraph 1) and has to sell the sneakers? If that toe box is creased, they’ll be worth dogshit on the secondary market. In other words, this guy is clearly aware that most marriages fail. He’ll need that sneaker money once she kicks him out, and he’s playing it safe. For your presence of mind, we salute you sir.