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A Computer Glitch Allowed All American Airlines Pilots The Option To Take Christmas Week Off And Now Thousands Of Flights May Get Cancelled Because Of It

As someone that never has to fly during the holidays, let me just say how happy I am for these pilots. We hear people complain all the time about how much it sucks to fly on Christmas. The weather is shitty, the delays cause chaos for travelers, the TSA line is jammed to the gills, and everybody is angry. Now imagine you have to work during that time and keep a smile on your face as your customers scream at you and your coworkers for some bullshit Mother Nature decided to pull last minute or because they mistakenly left their kid home alone. Very unfair!

Which is why I hope all these pilots get to bask in the Caribbean, at a ski house, or wherever their frequent flyer miles could take them. Shit, they probably just want sit at home and relax during the holidays instead of breathing in that recycled air and worrying about a donnybrook over the last bag of peanuts breaking out and going viral. I hope that once this glitch was exposed, all the pilots called each other like us 90s kids did when Spice and Playboy was unscrambled and you didn’t have to stare at squiggly lines and blue tits. Gotta get all those PTO days in right before the new year, no matter what it does to other people’s holidays. Pilot is one of those jobs that nobody on the Earth can come even close to doing without being a trained professional. Just figuring out how planes fly will put KFC’s brain into a triple knot and he was an accountant before he dove into the mud as a blogger.

Christmas may have been founded on the thought of giving is better than receiving, but sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish. And if some pilots want to make some straight cash homie instead of exploiting that glitch, they should wait until the airlines bump that 1.5x pay to 3x pay, a free roundtrip flight, and a hotel. Bleed those airline motherfuckers for all they’re worth.