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Carlos Beltran Could Very Well Be The Next Yankees Manager And I'm All In

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So today Carlos Beltran will become the 6th person to interview for the New York Yankees managerial position. He’s by far the most fascinating candidate that’s come to reality (Thomson, Muelens, Boone, Woodward, Wedge). From every angle you read about him, he’d be an awesome manager. But is it too soon? Beltran just finished his MLB playing career with Houston, going out on top as a World Champion. It’d be pretty nuts to jump right back in as a manager just months after hanging it up, but here we are. Beltran is clearly interested and Cashman bringing him in for an interview means it’s as serious as it gets.

Beltran played in the Bronx for two and a half seasons starting in 2014 before being traded halfway through 2016. He was a gigantic presence in the locker room and was occasionally praised for the way he mentored the young guys on the team. During Spring Training in 2016 he requested a locker next to Aaron Judge to help out as #99 was first breaking on the scene as a possible call-up candidate. CC Sabathia recently talked at length about how valuable Beltran could be to a team as a manager someday. It’s possible he takes some time off before he jumps back in the fire, but one day he’s certainly going to thrive in this role.

It’s no wonder World Series star Alex Bregman credited Beltran for mentoring and preparing him for this October run.

Beltran’s name comes up a lot in conversation when younger Astros players talk about what’s gone right with the team in this pennant-winning season, but it seems like Bregman makes more Beltran references than the others. The two spend a lot of time together, especially this time of year.

So if anyone knows how to stay focused in October, it’s Beltran, and now, by extension, Bregman, who recalled Beltran’s basic advice: “Don’t let the moment get too big. If you’re a guy who is a line-drive hitter, be a line-drive hitter,” Bregman continued. “You don’t need to be anything extra in the postseason. Just stick to your plan, what’s worked for you.” -MLB.com

George Springer too…

 Beltran spends much of his time in the clubhouse consuming video of not just the opposing pitcher and his own at-bats, but of the plate appearances of his teammates as well. If they’ve developed a bad habit, he sees it and lets them know, with video evidence. “I could be pulling off the ball, I could not be following through,” says George Springer, who also set a career high in homers this year, with 34. Couldn’t an astute coach, earning a sliver of Beltran’s salary, do the same thing? “I think you always just think a coach doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as a player,” says Springer. “He’s a player.” -SI

Beltran was the calming voice during the Astros crazy title run this year. When they went down 3 games to 2 to the Yankees in the ALCS he kept everyone calm and helped everyone hit the reset button. You could probably make the case that he influenced the team more than A.J. Hinch did.

So yes, I want Carlos Beltran as my manager. The dude eats, sleeps, breathes baseball. He speaks both Spanish and English which is always a positive as you look at the culture of this young Yankees team. He’s been around these young guys and helped most of them grow up as a mentor figure. The only downfall would be his lack of experience as a manger, which I’ll gladly throw right out the fucking window. There’s just too many positives at this point and I’m sold. Beltran could very well be the answer we never thought could be. When Girardi got let go, never did I ever imagine I’d be writing a whole blog on Carlos Beltran being the solution. I’m sold. Let’s do this thing.

P.S. I’m sure some of you will hate this idea and that’s fine. Yell at me on Twitter cause we’ll be lucky if we have an answer by Christmas.