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Mike Francesa (Figuratively) Murdered Ben McAdoo And Jerry Reese On The Radio For Benching Eli Manning For Geno Smith

FUCK’EM UP MIKEY!!! Days like today are when Numbah One truly wears his crown as duh kinguh New Youahk. Us Giants fans can scream from the rooftops about how much we hate this move. But it takes someone with resumes, longevity, ratings, paychecks, and the motherfucking Mink Man to put all of our thoughts into a beautifully worded tirade with the perfect amount of ranting and pauses where you think your radio turned off. The six stages of grief for New York fans is denial, anger, listen to what Mike has to say about it, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. And he nailed everything in that diatribe. Jerry Reese’s entire career has been on the coattails of Eli Manning’s right arm and two gigantic testicles while Ben McAdoo rode Aaron Rodgers and a nice little free agent haul on defense to the playoffs. McAdoo has had some questionable criticisms of Eli that he took on the chin like a professional. And even though Eli didn’t say anything, Mike of course did. The line about the Super Bowl rings was Francesa at his absolute best.


I love Mike Francesa for the countless hours of entertainment he has given me over the years as well as the intentional and unintentional comedy. But it’s the rants that truly stick out in our brains. And if this was his last classic rant about one of my teams, he went out like MJ in Utah (hopefully his next stop isn’t MJ on the Wizards though). Crazy to think that both Francesa and Eli could no longer be a part of the New York sports scene as early as 2018.

Mount Francesa Eruption Rating: 9/10