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Eli Manning's Consecutive Games Started Streak Will End Sunday As Geno Smith Is Named Giants Starting Quarterback


Every Giants fan worth his or her salt right now:

Carl Banks = Not happy!


Brandon Jacobs…Less than thrilled.

My close personal friend Justin Tuck was flat out angry.

General Coughlin was very upset by all this as well. Nobody makes General Coughlin feel feelings!



And most damning of all, Linda Cohn dropped an absolute Cohn Bomb on Ben McAdoo’s slicked back cranium.

When people look back and try to remember just how bad the 2017 Giants season was, the historians will tell them that it was so bad that the Giants willfully ended Eli Manning’s consecutive games started streak to start Geno fucking Smith. Something a separated shoulder in 2007, the 2011 49ers almost murdering him during the NFC Championship, and countless other injures couldn’t do (Shout out to that high ankle sprain occurring in Week 17 back in 2013. I didn’t forget you). Oh yeah and the front office made Iron Man Eli almost cry. NOBODY MAKES ELISHA NELSON MANNING CRY!!!

This season has officially devolved into a full blown dumpster fire, with multiple Giants fans texting me that they are #done with the GMen after this move. And I don’t blame them one bit. Jerry Reese is as good as gone after the season is over and I would imagine Ben McAdoo will suffer the same fate. All Eli has done is win two Super Bowls and play pretty well when he had NFL receivers and blocking in front of him this season. Just the cherry on top of the shit sundae of a season. And make no mistake about it either, you don’t bench the best quarterback in franchise history for Geno Smith without everyone from the top-down agreeing on it. So if you are bringing pitchforks and torches to the Meadowlands, make sure they aren’t just directed at Reese or McAdoo. Red Wedding 2K17 may be going down in Jersey as I type this. And if it’s not, I challenge Mara, Reese, and McAdoo to a 3-on-1 handicap match at Rough N Rowdy. The weights will probably be about even tbh.

And of course Eli handled all of this with class and decided to let the young guys play instead of continuing a streak for a team that didn’t want to start him. I would expect nothing less from him. He has been all class since the minute he became a Giant (lets all agree to forget the days leading up to him becoming a Giant). Can’t say I’m shocked the Giants are pulling this move when they are traveling across the goddamn country to play a Raiders team that will likely be without their top 2 wide outs. We knew that if Geno or Davis Webb got any starts for the Giants this season, something likely went terribly wrong. Well EVERYTHING went terribly wrong and this was the result. Likely the end of the Eli Manning Era in New York. Now we see what Geno and Webb have. Sure it would be great if one of those guys showed something in the next month. But I’m not holding my breath. I’d rather see Eli play out the string before the Giants figure out what the future of the QB position next year with the draft. Geno’s about to become a free agent and Davis Webb is an injured rookie. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, I have that dickhead Darren Rovell giving me a history lesson on the year 2004 one tweet at a time.


You want a stat about how impressive Eli Manning’s streak is? I’ll give you a stat about Eli Manning’s streak is.

When you list them out and see some of the names, it’s extra ridiculous (TRIGGER WARNING FOR BROWNS FANS)


Hopefully Eli and Tom Coughlin can reunite like Andy and Red at the end of Shawshank, with Jacksonville playing a poor man’s Zihuatanejo. Fuck this season, man. All this because our dickhead coach had to sellout and put gel in his hair.

Sounds about right:

Giants fans need this Vine right now more than ever.

P.S. Brett Favre is not fucking human, nor are the guys on either sides of the line that played 200+ consecutive NFL games in the trenches.