Mark Hamill Arrived To An Airport In A Wheelchair (To Stay Incognito) And TMZ Were A Bunch Of Assholes About It

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TMZ- Luke Skywalker’s looking more Vader-like than ever — and we’re not referring to the rumors about ‘The Last Jedi’ plot.

Mark Hamill, and his little dog, rolled through JFK airport Monday night in a wheelchair. Mark did his best to cover his face with a dark hat — not unlike a certain Dark side villain.

Fans greeted Mark while he cradled his little dog, and fired off questions about ‘Jedi,’ but he seems to know — talk not he must, with the movie opening less than 3 weeks away.

Unclear if Luke’s actually injured, or just trying to keep a low profile. We’ve gotta call in to a galaxy far, far away.

We’ll let ya know if Yoda, or Darth, responds.

UHHH, HEY TMZ. What the FUCK is this “article”? What is that headline? “Where’s the Force now?” What is that? Are they taunting someone who may be ill? Are they ill-shaming?

I’m fucking triggered, gang. How about when they referred to Millie Grace Hamill as “his little dog”?! THE DISRESPECT! ON HER SIXTH BIRTHDAY NO LESS! THAT’S THE DOG OF LUKE SKYWALKER! THEY DIDN’T SAY HER NAME!


Mark is completely fine, by the way. He was, as the smart people on the internet detected, just trying to get through the airport unscathed because bottom feeders attempt to get one billion autographs to throw on eBay.

I haven’t done this in a very long time, but this is an open invitation to the octagon for the author of this “article”. I put “article” in quotes again because it’s a horribly written and highly offensive piece where every “paragraph” is no longer than two sentences.

Who writes like that?!

“We’ll let ya know if Yoda, or Darth, responds.” is such a pretentious, condescending, closer as well. You think you’re above The Wars, TMZ? You ain’t above shit! You’re TMZ! You’re the scum of the earth! You ambush people and shove cameras down their throats! Go Force yourselves!