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Dude With Skeleton Tattoo On His Face Escapes From Jail

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.34.09 PM

This guy has a tattoo on his face, and the obvious reaction is gonna be “Oh he’s on the lamb, how is he gonna blend in with a tattoo on his face?” But have you seen this dude’s bone structure? He’s probably getting ravaged in jail. The men surely can’t keep their hands off him and the ladies are being done a disservice with this fine specimen being stuck behind bars. So this skeleton got ghost and is probably boning half of San Joaquin, California right now.


Rare prison photo.

The bare bones version of the story is this; Hughes got caught on a weapons charge (makes sense he was carrying because of his unusual susceptibility to sticks and stones) and got thrown in a (rib) cage. He had two months left on his sentence, and fleeing will probably get him five years more, so being boneheaded is more than just a look for Hughes.


But let’s be honest. Puns are among the lowest forms of humor, and this blog is full of them. Not very funny stuff. But I’m over here scraping my brain to get anything on the page just to get Nate off my back about writing blogs. Remember what I said about a month ago? Well upon my return from Barstool 5th Year and working on Rough N Rowdy, Nate is back at it. So this blog is really a message in a bottle. A secret message if you will. Only the people who got this deep into earnestly reading the blog can truly give me the guidance I’m looking for. What do I do about Nate? I’m trying to fist bump him all the time, tell him cool jokes, invite him out to Hooters for lunch and he just keeps on being a cold customer and rebuffing my advances. Just constantly telling me I’m not doing my job, to get back to work, that I’ve done nothing all day. Nate’s got me shook as a crook in a brook. Leave any advice in comments, or better yet, at my twitter profile. And now, I’m going to go back to the skeleton puns to finish out the blog so people who are skimming my work (chain gang boss Nate or other half-interested readers) won’t be any the wiser. Good talk. So, anyway, when I heard Hughes flew the coup, I thought what is this, the Aviator??


Hughes shares his name with noted Aviator, Howard Hughes.

This guy is probably going to get ribbed when he gets back to prison. They’re probably searching the radius around the entire jail. And don’t worry. I know none of this is humerus. But if they’re serious about finding this inked up internee, there’s only one person that’s right for the case.


Susan Bones