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Stephen Jackson Went At Chandler Parsons On Instagram For Being Overpaid After The Grizzlies Fired David Fizdale




So yesterday I blogged about how the Grizzlies fired David Fizdale and that the NBA was a worse place for it because he was at the very least an entertaining coach and based on everything we heard before this 8-game Grizzlies losing streak, also a pretty good coach. But the NBA is a stars league and it sounds like Fizdale and Marc Gasol had not been getting along.

Little did I know that we would be getting Captain Jack’s 2 cents on not only Fizdale but the State of the Grizzlies in general. What a delight. Usually when Chandler Parsons is mixing it up on social media, he is either mistakenly igniting Great Emoji Wars


Going at it with fans or players not named Stephen Jackson.





Or having pictures of him being tweeted out as he signs massive contracts.




Now Parsons is getting into it with a guy that was one of the enforcers of the Malice At The Palace

Had the stones to disagree with Charles Oakley in public

And will subgram his target while also using his target’s own Instagram comments against him on some Sun Tzu Art of War shit.

Just like with Michael Crabtree and his chain, Parsons was kinda stuck in a hard place. Either he doesn’t respond to Stephen Jackson putting his name on The Gram and is seen as soft because we all know he is always on social media or he fires back in the most respectable way possible. Parsons chose B, spoke his peace, and should now probably just fade to the background while wearing his Not Cool tag and hope Captain Jack forgets about him and the Fire Chandler Parsons movement altogether. If Stephen Jackson says he is better than you at basketball, he is better than you at basketball. If Stephen Jackson says you aren’t cool, you aren’t cool. If Stephen Jackson says you are a tomato, then you are a tomato. That’s just how life works.


Injuries notwithstanding, 2017 was pretty good to Chandler Parsons considering he spent New Years Eve with Kate Beckinsale

Then followed it up a few days later by spending some time with his ex Kendall Jenner

Del Toro x Chandler Parsons Launch 2.0 Collection At Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills

And even had Bella Thorne dressing up to support him at a game.


It would be a real shame if Stephen Jackson were to ruin quite a run for Chandler over some Instagram beef and a fired coach. My advice for Chandler would be to keep collecting those checks, try to get healthy, increase that scoring average to double digits, and go Full Homer Simpson on social media for the next few weeks.

Best case scenario, cooler heads prevail and Captain Jack quietly goes about his business. Worst case scenario, Jackson sees Parsons in Memphis and chokeslams him through the FedExForum basketball court. The silver lining for Parsons is that the Grizzlies will likely retire his number no more than a week after that happens.