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Does Michael Crabtree Have To Retire After News Came Out That He Taped His Chain To His Chest Before Aqib Talib Snatched It On Sunday?




I’m not here to tell another man how to make his living, but I think Michael Crabtree has to retire after this news came out, right? I get he was in an impossible situation on Sunday. If he doesn’t wear the chain, he is a bitch for backing down to Talib. If the chain gets snatched, he’s a guy that has had his chain snatched by the same guy TWICE. But taping it to the chest was the softest half measure move of all-time and as Mike Ehrmantrout said, half measures are no bueno. Even Red in Friday didn’t have the audacity to tape his chain to his chest before Deebo snatched that shit.

No matter what Michael Crabtree does for now on, he is:
1. The guy who had his chain snatched twice
2. The guy who taped his chain to his chest, before said chain was snatched
3. Actually good NFL wide receiver

And it’s only going to get worse. You know Talib is going for that chain twice a year until one of these guys leaves the AFC West. Even if Crabtree ditches the gold and tattoos the chain to his body, you know Talib is going to take out a switchblade and take a pound of flesh off Crabtree’s chest on principle alone. It doesn’t matter if Goodell threatens to suspend him for the season. Talib is now the biggest hero at Mile High outside of John Elway. Broncos fans probably don’t give a fuck which shitty quarterback they wheel out this week now that they can rally around the Breaker of Chains. I guarantee that getting his chain snatched was the last thing Michael Crabtree thought about before falling asleep on Saturday night and the first thing he thought about when he woke up on Sunday morning. If anything, Talib locked up my imaginary Defensive Player of the Year vote while I am wondering if Crabtree should say goodbye to millions at a craft he has worked towards his entire life for his own personal sanity. A defensive player hasn’t owned that much real estate in an offensive player’s head since LT had quarterbacks pissing themselves at the line during 3rd and Longs.

I mean it has even gotten to the point where Adam Schefter is taking shots at Crab.



When a guy who was nicknamed Pee Boy by a blogger is riding you, it may be time to reassess your future. Even boring ass CBS got in the mix and chirped Crabtree.


I can see Fox maybe throwing some daggers since they have long been the “edgier” network channel. Or maybe Al Michaels after he got a bit punch drunk and sassy late at night. But CBS? Really? That hurts.

The biggest upset in all of this is however that Richard Sherman’s rant about Crabtree being trash that was broadcast to millions of people after the NFC Championship Game is no longer even in the Top 2 most disrespectful things to ever happen to Crabtree on an NFL field.