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RAW Stunk, But Hey, Matt Hardy's About To Be BROKEN!

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Welcome back to the weekly RAW recap! Last night, RAW was not good at all. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking with almost all of it. Nothing was offensively bad per-say, but it was just filler followed by filler followed by filler. To stay positive here, I’m only going to talk about what I want to talk about!

Cesaro and Seth Rollins had this awesome match in the opening hour. It was super back and forth featuring some really good counters, and lived up to the bar (nailed it) that Ambrose and Sheamus set last week. I’d say they have great chemistry together, and that’d be correct, but Cesaro has great chemistry with everyone he’s ever worked with. One of those “could have a great match with a broom” guys.


I kinda dig this new stable! Paige was really fluid on the mic in this segment, and Mandy Rose’s finisher ruled. Excited to see what the parallel stable on SmackDown does tonight to set themselves apart.

BROKEN MATT! Finally! Mike Johnson from PWInsider, a pretty credible journalist, has said that Impact Wrestling pretty much gave up in the legal fight to keep the gimmick, so things are about to get BROKEN. I can’t wait. That being said, I SHOULD halt my excitement a bit because this is absolutely the kind of character Vince McMahon would not understand and fuck up.

Reigns and Elias had a match for the Intercontinental Championship that was obviously predictable, but watchable nonetheless. Helps that I dig both guys. Joe attacked him afterwards, and that could be the setup to a PHENOMENAL back and fourth feud. I wouldn’t mind if they actually played hot potato with the strap for a bit to help establish how much they both want it.

That’s literally all I wanted to talk about from RAW. Everything else kinda just felt like a waste of my time, including Braun Strowman and Finn Bálor getting their time wasted with Mayor Glenn. Sorry Jerry.