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Tiger Woods Dropped Some FIRE Quotes In Today's Presser (hint: he's definitely back this time)


THE MOST important thing:


Tiger did a few interviews today and a presser. Yes this sounds pretty similar to other shit he’s said before. Yes he’s on a comeback trajectory eerily similar to failed comebacks of the past. Yes us Tiger fanboys have bit hook, line and sinker on this same hype before (many times over). Yes we have been disappointed (many times over).

No, we don’t care that we will probably be disappointed. We don’t care one bit. It matters not. It’s like buying a lottery ticket — you KNOW you have no chance of winning. Absolutely no chance. Zero……

……..but imagine if you did!?!?!!?! Imagine how fucking awesome that would be!?!?!

That $2 ticket is worth the day or two of just imagining how you’d spend that $300 million. You pay a couple bucks to spend a few days in fantasy land. It’s great. And the awesomeness of imagining a healthy, competitive, major-contending Tiger Woods is WELL WORTH the price of admission (aka the likely disappointment that comes from another failed comeback).

I’m all in and proud of it. Tiger Tiger Woods ya’ll. Drag ‘em!