We're Gonna Spend A Little More Time On It: A Woman Was Attacked By A Crocodile In Far North Queensland


Our proposition is total removal [of crocodiles and their eggs] from more populated areas which means from Mackay to Port Douglas. The Daintree is a mixed bag … [there we need] a removal program but not a total removal program.”

Mr Katter said the closeness of the state election results so far could mean Katter’s Australian Party would have leverage to push their controversial crocodile management ideas.

“This issue is for the state members to decide,” he said.

“The near-balance of power situation in Brisbane [will mean] we will have the leverage to get something done.

Bob Katter is back in the news. I believe that you all know why. It’s because crocodiles are back in the news. Another woman was nearly ripped limb to limb in Far North Queensland, so we are gonna spend a little time on it.


Katter isn’t fucking around this time. No siree. He wants to round up all the crocs, all the croc eggs, and smash all of the possible nesting sites. In fact, I’m almost certain that he wants to build a crocodile wall and have the people from Far South Queensland pay for it.

At this point, you almost have to blame the people who are going to these crocodile infested areas, right? I mean, I’m in south Texas and I know that going to Far North Queensland is taking your life into your own hands. You cant just go chasing lizards, tadpoles, and frogs on the banks of a riverbed without keeping your head on a swivel.

“But Chaps, people in Australia absolutely adore chasing lizards, tadpoles, and frogs on the banks of a riverbed. If they stop doing that, don’t they lose some of the essence of being Australian?”

You certainly could argue that. But, I remind you again, safety is paramount on the riverbed. Hopefully, this is the last of these videos that we’ll see. After all, it’s the holiday season Downunder too. Merry Christmas, we’re saying it again, to everyone in Far North Queensland except for the crocodiles.

As an aside: I don’t think the crocodile even knew she (wow. You thought it was a boy crocodile? Kinda sexist) was attacking a woman. I think she was going after the dog. But, reptiles dont have the ability to distinguish between such a well-done tattoo and an actual dog. I’m sure the croc feels awful (in heaven). I forgive her.

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