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Memphis Grizzlies Fire David Fizdale And The NBA Is A Worse Place Because Of It

Not gonna lie, this one hurts more than I thought it would. Just last Spring, David Fizdale gave us one of the great press conference rants and quotes in sports history after battling it out with Gregg Popovich in the playoffs.


And just like that he is…gone. After only 101 games. What a fucking shame! Imagine Mike Trout just disappearing off the planet after his first season. That’s what Postseason Press Conference David Fizdale getting fired is like.

Fizdale also seemed cool as fuck along with his smoke wife.




I will admit that an 8-game losing streak early in the season doesn’t help anyone’s cause. But making the playoffs last season and adjusting to a team that was banged up and no longer has Grit or Grind was going to be tough for any coach. It’s crazy to think the Grizz were 7-4 before that losing streak started and now Fizdale is toast.

However the writing was officially on the wall after Marc Gasol of all people spoke out about his benching during last night’s loss to the Nets.

In the battle of NBA Stars vs. NBA Coaches, Stars remain undefeated. Even if you appear to be one of the up-and-coming coaches in the league.

Speaking of which, GM LeBron chimed in because of course he did.


To be fair, if LeBron knows anything, it’s who the fall guy is for a team.

On the bright side, Fizdale should expect the Grizzlies to retire his number within the next week or so. At least he has that going for him.