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Melania Trump Watching A Bunch Of Ballerinas Is Extremely Awkward

What’s going on there? Does she need assistance? Blink twice if you’re being held hostage, Melania. Get her a chair. Let her sit down or something. Stop whatever is happening immediately. Do ballerinas just dance around the White House at random times throughout the day? Cause that’d be AWESOME. That’s what I picture the life of the rich and famous to be like in my head. Just random awesome shit happening throughout the day for no rhyme or reason. Maybe a lion tamer at noon. A bull fighter at 3pm. Ballerinas at 5pm right before dinner. Circus elephants right after dinner. Keep me guessing.

Melanie couldn’t look more uncomfortable though. She even put her hands together cause she had no other options. She knew she had to do something and that was her only move. She pulled a Ricky Bobby. That whole scene looked straight out of ‘The Shining’ actually. Bizarre stuff. What we just watched is the ballerina-filled version of getting caught in a conversation at a party you want no part of. Just standing there waiting waiting waiting waiting for it to be over. Tough to watch.