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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher




ColumbiaA teacher has been arrested after allegedly demanding students have sex with her in exchange for good grades.

The married woman, identified only as Yokasta M, is accused of sending raunchy images of herself, some where she barely covers her breasts, to the youngsters.

The images and a three-minute YouTube video were circulated on social media, after a student posted them with the comment: “This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she [suspend] us if we do not have relations with her .”

The images were eventually seen on a mobile phone of one of the threatened students by his father. …

Local Le Mehor Television … is alleging the teacher from Colombia’s second largest city Medellin started exchanging the snaps with the teenagers using web apps.

But that then turned into demands for sexual favours in exchange for good grades, it is claimed. …

Her husband has asked for a divorce, according to

You know, all to often we fall into a habit of reading these stories, thinking about these school kids banging their teachers and using the term “victims” ironically. Well this is for the other kids. Those school boys we can call victims without the quotes or the snark. Those young men that life dealt a bad hand to. The ones who, by accident of birth, find themselves growing up in a city that is synonymous with drug cartels and homicide. Who are trying to make a life for themselves through the power of education. And who dream of growing up free from being hassled by the sociopathic drug lords or deranged teachers forcing them into a life they do not wish to live.

So just be grateful, all you students everywhere who are blessed to have hot, attractive teachers whom you willingly want to have sex with. You could just as easily be haunted by Yokasta M. God bless America.
The Grades:
Looks: You may look at these pictures and be tempted to think “Butterface.” Do not. These ones I posted are her most flattering. Click the link if you want to see more. But be warned. The one in the bikini with the unfortunate choice of tattoo was just something I don’t want on GtNSST.
Grade: D-

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: When you are reduced to using a combination of bribes and threats to get teenage boys to want to have sex, this is not your calling.
Grade: F

Intangibles: Come to think of it, the cartels themselves have always used this method of motivating the unwilling. They call it “gold or lead,” meaning you take the cash or you get the bullet. But they’re blood-thirsty monsters. She’s just a monster.
Grade: B

Overall: D. Gross.

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