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Steph Curry Looks Like A BIG TIME Asshole Not Signing This Kid's Jersey

Woof. Not a good look for the two-time MVP. Not a good look at all. Just sign the jersey Stephen! Sign it! I screamed that loudly at my laptop hoping he’d hear me. He did not. I really don’t understand why Steph didn’t sign the jersey. It’s not like that kid was in the middle of a massive scrum and Curry accidentally missed him. The kid was standing there like a goddamn lighthouse. You can’t miss him. Klay didn’t miss him. Shaun Livingston didn’t miss him. JaVale McGee didn’t miss him. Steph looking like a real smug asshole pretending not to see him. The only excuse Curry could give is that he’s blind. He’s blind and he simply didn’t see the kid waving a marker and Curry jersey right in his grill mix. Come to think of it, Steph Curry being blind would make his accomplishments that much more impressive. That flips this story right on its head. Steph Curry is blind and he’s easily the most accomplished blind athlete out there. Turn a negative into a positive. That’s PR 101.