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Brandon Marshall Got Accepted To Harvard Business School


I know we’ve talked about this before but it really is incredible how great the Brandon Marshall trade has worked out for the Bears both on and off the field. Touchdowns, an elite WR 1, a great role model for younger teammates, getting the entire offense together at his house in Florida during the offseason, all of it. The number 1 question mark when he came to the Bears 2 years ago was his head and whether he would be a distraction for the team. I vividly remember listening to Boers and Bernstein go on and on about how this guy was a loose cannon and the Bears were making a mistake. And you know what, I’m sure B-Marsh would be the first to admit that the way things ended in Denver and Miami made the doubts about him completely legitimate. And what has he done since? Stuffed it directly into the naysayers face. Ultimately getting accepted into Harvard business school doesn’t do anything for the Bears bottom line but it’s more of a larger point on how great B-Marsh has been and how much he’s turned basically everything around. As a fan, he is the type of guy you now love to root for.




I once thought about going to business school, then I took a GMAT class and realized I have gotten so stupid post college that trying to take that test was the worst idea ever and became a fat blogger instead. Good times.