No One Loves Being A Strength Coach As Much As Northwestern’s Strength Coach Loves Being A Strength Coach

From the extra medium sleeveless polo shirt to the flying chest bumps, this guy is the total package of a strength coach. I can’t even roast him, mostly since he’s a much better human than I’ll ever be, I just want to follow him around for a day and see just exactly what he does with his 24-hours. How much protein is he consuming per meal? How many conversations is he holding with an inside voice? How many Cascada songs are on all of his playlists? Does he buy those sleeveless polos directly from Under Armor or does he alter them himself? Does he own any sleeveless suits too? Does he consume nightshades? So many questions. So many gains. So, so few sleeves.

The world is his weight room. Anything with a bar is a place to get some reps in. Some people think “No Days Off” is a moniker of a hard worker. Well, the Northwestern strength coach looks down on those people from atop a rope he just climbed with his teeth. No seconds off otherwise you’re getting outworked by someone somewhere.