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WKU's Kicker Thought He Was The Slickest Person On The Planet During This Fake Punt Attempt

This punter thought he was the human epitomization of the other side of the pillow when he took that snap and tip toed a smooth three yards, setting up the fake punt which was going to bring his team and himself glory for the rest of time. And that’s when the train came screaming off the tracks. Quickly and abruptly.

One glance over the shoulder brought impending doom on the punter in the form of a defender as he quickly attempted to scurry away – like a field mouse evading a hungry mongoose. And that’s when our protagonist took a seven yard stumble, the type of stumble you only ever see in Madden when you have a clear break away touchdown but your guy just falls down inexplicably for no reason whatsoever.

If only that’s how this story would’ve ended. But no. Captain America here decided to try and pull a fast one with a little fumblerooski action to keep the play alive. That plan was about as well hatched as any of Wile E. Coyote’s classic schemes, and blew up in his face just as hard as well. The fumble enough was mayhem but this play wasn’t fully complete until FIU topped it off with the scoop and score. All in all great family fun for the holidays and a play I’m sure Chuck Pagano is currently adding into the Colts special teams playbook for this upcoming Sunday.