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Maroon 5 And Jimmy Fallon Perform In Disguise On The Subway And I Think It's Cute As Hell

As a “New Yorker” (blegh) and a person on the internet, I’m probably supposed to hate this video. I’m sure I’m supposed to say things like you’re an asshole if you cause a scene on the subway and you’re a tourist loser if you’re interested in seeing a mini-concert like this while the rest of us are miserably trying to get to our train.

But guess what? I’m not gonna do that. This video made me feel feelings again. You remember those, right? Feelings? I was all warm and fuzzy seeing people happily sprint toward Maroon 5 and Jimmy. I was excited for them because they were excited! People were having fun, scurrying around the subway station with the rest of the underground rats, trying to get a glimpse of Adam Levine and belt out a few lines of “Sugar.” Good for them!

If that makes me a bad guy, seeing people happy, then so be it. I may be a softie but I’ll never be a liar.