This Soccer Dude Dribbling On A Treadmill Is Some Of The Most Impressive Shit I've Seen

I don’t know if this is a regular drill that futbolers do but holy toledo this is impressive. Fun fact about me: I’m not a “treadmill guy,” in case my physique didn’t yell that loudly enough. It’s not just because of some childhood asthma and a general belief that cardio is for teenagers, either. It’s because I’m not coordinated enough. Almost every treadmill I’ve ever been on was broken. The tread is always jerky and I immediately lose my balance and need to stop. Perhaps that’s because of my abysmal running form and perhaps it’s because of my BMI, I don’t know, I’ll leave that to the suits in Washington to decide. I just know I can’t run on treadmills. Can’t even watch commercial break during Around the Horn without almost falling flat on my face. So this? Yeah, it’s quite spectacular.