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I'm Starting To Become Very Worried That Rey Is Going To Fall To The Dark Side

I have to address a topic I’ve been skirting around for months. Something I’ve been nervously laughing about and saying “Oh, stop!” about any time it’s come up.

I think there’s actually a chance that Rey is going to fall to the Dark Side in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I think it could happen. There’s her (maybe but I still don’t think so) asking Kylo Ren for guidance. There’s her standing over Luke looking menacing as fuck. There’s Luke telling her he’s afraid of her raw power. And now, there’s Luke begging, PLEADING with her to resist something calling to her.

…is Snoke her dad somehow? Is she a descendant of Darth Vader or The Emperor? Is there any possibility that whoever is calling to her, pulling her to the Dark Side of the force is in her family?

I can’t let this happen. I cannot see Rey as a villain. People I thought were my friends are rooting for my worst nightmare to come true, because apparently my “meltdown” would be “must watch internet”.


Do you think this is a fucking game, Sam? We’re not playing putt putt here. We’re talkin Wars. We don’t joke about this shit like you think we do. Don’t forget the last time you crossed me on this path.

Listen, I’m not trying to get into a fight with fucking Riggs right now. I’m just nervous. I’m rattled. Rey cannot fall to the Dark Side. I don’t want my meltdown to be must-watch internet, and as Frankie Borrelli would say…