Nobody Is On Top Of His Game More Than Merrill Reese's Old Man Spotter During Eagles Games - NOBODY

You gotta LOVE this old coot. Bill Werndel is his name and correctly spotting players is his game, nay, life. The reaction speed. The tongue. The moxie. Bill Werndel is the master of his own craft. How great did he feel when he corrected Merrill to say Bradham recovered the loose ball instead of Jerrigan? Nobody knows, because Bill Werndel is a goddamn professional who acts like he’s been there before. I guess they’re right – Senior citizens, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. GET ME MORE BILL WERNDEL!

It’s actually an interesting perspective to see Merrill do the damn thing with all the organized chaos revolving around each play. Did you know Merrill is 76? 76!!! Sure, he’s been around forever, but I didn’t realize he was that up there. Enjoy the legend while we still got him firing on all cylinders. Or at least while forcing him to read Biggie Smalls and Drake lyrics. Still first class stuff.

He also put William Shatner into a casket with his rendition of The Real Slim Shady. How do you do a spoken word version of a rap son? I have no idea, but somehow Merrill knows how. Bless this legendary voice. It’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!