Model "Pranks" An Entire Mall By Walking Around In Nothing But A Thong And Body Paint

(Start at 1:10)

Source - A nearly naked woman expertly body-painted to look dressed strolled through a mall to see if anyone would notice in a new video.

The model, Maria Luciotti, was decked in a painted shirt and pair of jeans by body paint artist Jen Seidel before taking to a mall in Towson, Maryland, for the experiment.

Jen herself shared the story on Bored Panda and her YouTube channel, writing: ‘My daughter and I painted this model for about three hours to make a nice fall outfit.

‘Besides pasties, a thong, and a hat/scarf, she’s basically naked!’

The ‘nice fall outfit’ is finished with a pair of boots, a hat and a scarf before the ladies head out to the mall.As the ladies browse through different stores, it doesn’t take long for other patrons to spot the fact that Maria isn’t actually wearing pants.

This is obnoxious. She seems well intentioned but the mall is not the place for nudity and/or social experiments. It’s for teen angst and sneaking off to Spencer’s Gifts while your mom’s Macys. She didn’t even show her boobies; she had them covered with a scarf like a coward. Which if she’s looking for views was a big mistake. 1.5 million is good but if she had dumped ‘em out that number would’ve been triple. Not only that, I’m sure the people in the mall would’ve liked to see them. Especially this guy.


Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.31.59 PM

Who looks like he’s having trouble standing up. But forget about all that. Her body, her choice. She has a right to cover or not cover it however she pleases.

I just wish the same were true for men. If a guy tried a stunt like this he’d be locked up and registered before his wife realized he was missing. Although, on second thought it may be a good thing guys can’t walk around in body paint. Imagine picking out truffles at the Lindt store, turning around, and some dude’s standing there with his dick painted blue. Yuck. Or what if he bends over to try on a new pair of shoes and you see where the paint didn’t reach? That’s a loss for all parties involved. At any rate, I hope this girl got the views she was looking for. As long as there aren’t any copy cats she can walk around in body paint all she wants.